April=Gratitude & Joy


April 16, 2011 by Beth Hess

April’s Guidepost in my Gifts of Imperfection Project is Cultivating Gratitude and Joy. And I have been. I have focused on being grateful and joyful many times during the month of April, and I choose to believe my lack of blog posts reflects a full and joyful life — that has been busier than I can even tell you. But there is no doubt… I look around and I am filled with gratitude!

I was remembering not long ago that as a teenager, I would often lie in bed at night and think my way to sleep, building elaborate scenarios that carried over from night to night. Tales of things I hoped would happen. How a certain boy would ask me to a movie and exactly what the entire date would be like, for example. I spent many nights dreaming of what was to come. And I really don’t know when the shift happened, but one day I noticed I don’t do that any more. Now, are the rare occassion I don’t immediately fall asleep at the end of another crazy day, I treat myself to thoughts of days I have already lived. The weekend camping trip where I met Thom. Our wedding day. The moment I heard, “We have a boy,” and the gasp I heard from my husband as his emotions overtook him.

And I only wish I could have told that teenage girl, “Watch and see what God will do.” Because it has been, and continues to be, amazing. Grateful? Is there any other choice?

P.S. In the middle of writing this post, Christian has tried to convince me he got sick in the sink by mixing food coloring with I don’t know what, and he is now dancing joyfully around the house singing, “I make the best jokes ever!” And there it is again — joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!

One thought on “April=Gratitude & Joy

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