Five Minute Friday: Catch


October 14, 2011 by Beth Hess

I’ve been a little concerned about catching this week as my son’s classmates start to report cold and flu symptoms. It’s contagiousness season, I suppose.

Which makes me wonder … what do other people catch from me? Attitudes and energy certainly are contagious. So what am I spreading? I pray that it’s hope, grace, joy … Jesus. I pray that I extend to people the freedom to be themselves, to embrace their authentic selves — imperfections and all. And in knowing they are awesome just like they are, it brings them hope. Oh, how I write these words and my heart actually longs for this to be true. That in me, in my life, in my courage, in my vulnerability, in my speaking the truth the Holy Spirit has given me others would catch a glimpse of who God is and wants to be in their life.

I want to catch, then spread beauty.

I want to catch, then spread grace.

I want to catch, then spread the abundant life we have ALL been promised in Christ.

But first, I much CATCH. For no one can spread what she has not caught. So teach me, Lord, to catch.

UPDATE: I found 5 Minutes just wasn’t enough on this topic today. Here’s my longer look: There’s More to Catch.


Join the 5-minute movement at The Gypsy Momma in her 5-Minute Friday challenge. Each week she posts a word. Set your timer for 5 minutes and just write. No stopping. No editing. Only 5 minutes. Just my style!


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Catch

  1. […] guess that’s been the theme of my day. My Five-Minute Friday exercise this morning was on the topic of CATCH. After logging my own time, I read the […]


  2. Jennifer says:

    You gather us all up in His love in this post. What a beautiful heart. Thank you.


  3. Hopeannfaith says:

    Beautiful Post.
    Reminds me of: More of You, LORD … Less of Me!


  4. Beth, thanks for visiting me today. Your words: my prayer too. You said it beautifully, how we spread what we catch from Him. Makes me think about how I want others to catch the goodness.


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