There’s More to Catch


October 14, 2011 by Beth Hess

I was humbled by a homeless man this afternoon. Often, as I exit the highway towards home, there is someone with a sign near the off-ramp stoplight. Usually, quite honestly, I don’t have anything to give. Today, however, I remembered the 2 bananas on the seat next to me and rolled down my window. As I handed them to this bearded stranger, he spotted Christian in the back seat and said, “Now I’m not taking these away from your boy, am I?” Wow. The man with literally nothing cared more for my child, whom he’d never met, than he did for himself. My tears flowed then. Now, again.

When I assured him that Christian was fine, and we wanted him to have the bananas, he thanked me graciously. As we pulled away, I spotted him in the rearview mirror carefully save one banana for later and hungrily pull back the peel on the other.

And it wasn’t until later I really caught the greater story of what had happened. I had 2 bananas in my car today because that’s what I took for lunch. But I didn’t need lunch because someone gave ME a lunch by bringing pancake plates to the office from a local fundraiser. As I had received, I was able to give.

I guess that’s been the theme of my day. My Five-Minute Friday exercise this morning was on the topic of CATCH. After logging my own time, I read the other reports of 5-minutes of glory from my fellow bloggers. (You’ll love them, too. Check out their work on this site.) Through an email conversation with a friend, “catching” came up again. And then the banana experience. I keep coming back to this beautiful circle of life.

  • I can only catch when my hands are empty. Sometimes I freely drop the old and anxiously anticipate the new. Mostly though I cling to my tiny fragment of what seems like treasure, unable to loosen my grip and receive the next gift.
  • I can’t pass on anything I haven’t caught. I want people to know how awesome they are in God’s eyes. I need to claim that for myself. I want Moms to embrace their imperfect parenting as Ok. Let me have some of that. I want to be beauty. I need to see beauty.
  • When I catch, it’s not to keep, but to throw on. “A candle loses nothing by lighting another flame.” I MUST share what I have learned from the Lord. Where I have been encouraged, I MUST encourage. Where I have been blessed, I MUST bless.

Where God has captured my heart, I MUST help others catch him, too.

I certainly have not had the chance to read all of the entries at Five-Minute Friday, but here are a few of the CATCH bloggers that really spoke to my heart. I pray they catch you in your soul, too.


One thought on “There’s More to Catch

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