My Moses Moment

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November 17, 2011 by Beth Hess

Me, Lord?

                 Yes, you, Beth

Really? Me?

                Yes, Beth. You.

But I don’t feel qualified. Who would take me seriously?

                 You’re right. You’re not qualified. But I don’t need credentials. Just obedience. You will have all that you need. In fact, you already do. The Spirit of the Living God living in you.

                Now, child. Grab hold to the purpose for which I grabbed hold of you. Step out. I’m there. I have gone and prepared that place for you. I’ve been there. I’ve been THERE. And I will be there still when you step.

                Step, my sweet child. Step.

I want to, God. Oh, how I want to. I feel the letting go of the old. The ties have weakened. What I wanted to cling to so tightly weeks ago I now hold with open hands.

No. I move it from my hands to yours.

What felt so weighty and messy in my hands is so small and manageable when I see it in yours, Lord. I know it is safe there. My heart. My soul. My past. My future. My confidence. My cares. My weakness. My scars. My dreams.

Into your hands, dear Lord.


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