New Look. New Path. Big News!

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April 10, 2012 by Beth Hess

I’ve been working like crazy behind the scenes the last few months and am now ready to reveal some pretty big changes. If you are reading this entry in your email (thanks for subscribing!) you may want to click over to the actual site for this one and see my New Look; New Site Name; and click around to read about my New Venture.

I proudly introduce to you… Life Coach Beth Hess, A Coach in Your Corner!

What’s a Life Coach??
Like a personal trainer that can push you beyond what you think you are physically able to help you achieve the goals you dream but don’t know how to reach on your own, a life coach can see your potential, guide you with tools to stretch yourself, inspire you to make it happen, challenge you to clear any obstacles, cheer you on from the sidelines, and lead you along your destined path of awesomeness.  

If you could use someone like this in your corner, or you know someone who could, please send them an email, post this to your Facebook page, or point them to to learn more!

In fact, while there is still space available, check out The Coach 100 Project … ABSOLUTELY NO-COST COACHING FOR 100 PEOPLE. And because coaching is done by phone, it doesn’t matter if you live near me or not. Let’s connect and get you moving towards a more abundant life!

P.S. The story of how God let me to the purpose of helping other people find their purpose is a good one. Don’t miss any of it! Subscribe to my blog feed with the form just under my photo on the right side of this page.


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