Starbucks or Self-Worth?

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April 20, 2012 by Beth Hess

What if you could turn your Starbucks money into a happier life? Trade lunch out for getting out of a rut? Grab daily motivation in place of your afternoon snack?

You can.

Visit A Coach in Your Corner and see just how affordable life coaching can be.

What can a Life Coach help you with??

·                     Lack of direction and not knowing what to do in life
·                     Career Change – want to be sure it’s the right choice?
·                     Finding meaning and purpose

·                     Lack of balance between work and home life

·                     Prioritizing projects/work – do you procrastinate?
·                     Self Confidence and Self Esteem
·                     Feeling disconnected spiritually
·                     Struggling to Reach a Goal (physical, mental, relational, etc…)
·                     Urgent situations involving risks or challenges
·                     Dealing with stress, lack of motivation, and other barriers to happiness
·                     Increasing your gratitude for everyday life
Talking to a life coach will:
·                     Help you focus on positive action and achievement
·                     Stimulate, motivate, and empower you
·                     Help you overcome limiting beliefs
·                     Give you support and create structure
·                     Make you accountable for your decisions
·                     Help you achieve much more than you would on your own
Now doesn’t that sound better than a cup of coffee??

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