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May 2, 2012 by Beth Hess

When you have A Coach in Your Corner, you can shoot off emails like this:

My mind is exploding with ideas of things I wish I could do— a design I came up with today, several ministry ideas, singing more—for money, a new business idea someone wants me to pursue development of with me, all kinds of marketing things, writing of more than one book, travel and travel writing —  plus a little time for a massage, dinner party, time with family and friends and all kinds of celebrations that come to mind…. Plus wanting to redo my house—and my body—  OVERLOAD on possibility! 
But—I need to do what is IN FRONT OF ME TO DO!  I am so dead in the water – totally paralyzed.
Sometimes it is hard to know when an idea is an inspiration or a distraction.
And then I can send you a message like this:
Write them all down. ALL of them. When something new comes, write it on a Post-it note and add it to a notebook or jar. As you write them, assure them you are SO grateful for their inspiration and that you will be back to them when the time is right. When your mind is flooded with ideas, acknowledge them, say “Thank You” and tell them you’ll be back.
Then pick ONE THING and do it with laser focus. As Seth Godin said recently, you can’t make a dent if you are hitting different spots every day. And I KNOW you were meant to make a dent.
Would you like to try it? Seriously … no cost, no commitment — just a quick word from a friend (personalized, NO auto-responders) that might just change everything about how you’re looking at your obstacles.
Complete the form below, and I’ll get back to you in within about 24 hours.


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