The Secret to Getting Past Stuck

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May 17, 2012 by Beth Hess

Why do deer freeze in the headlights? Because in the animal kingdom, being seen means being eaten. Standing still provides a better chance of survival. Camouflage is safer.

We humans have a hard time letting go of those animal instincts.
We are still afraid of being eaten.

Bitten by the “not-good-enough” bug. Chewed up by the gossip gang. Nibbled on by the nagging of “why did I do that?” Spit on and spit out by comparing ourselves to others.

It’s no wonder change is so darn hard!

Blending in with the herd is far less vulnerable than standing out. Sudden movements — moving at all — opens up all kind of risk. It fights your survival instinct. It feels unnatural. It’s Ok to acknowledge it IS, in fact, unnatural.

But change requires movement. No matter how subtle. It’s the only way to “unfreeze” your life — to feel “unstuck” — to have more life in your life. To do more than survive. To be all you were created to be. To grab hold of the abundant life you have been promised.

Where are you standing still? Where are you frozen in the headlights?
It’s time to move!

May I suggest an easy movement first? Give me 60 minutes of your time to talk about what’s holding you back and put together a personalized plan for moving forward. It’s 100% F*R*E*E* … but the momentum it can create may be priceless.

Do it! Move those fingers … type in your info … hit  SUBMIT. Then celebrate yourself for moving! I can’t wait to talk with you!


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