Five Minute Friday: Perspective


May 18, 2012 by Beth Hess

I live in a tunnel. Hide in a cave. It’s safer in here. Then I wonder why I can’t find myself. Why I keep bumping into the same old walls. It’s dark. My eyes are limited. I guess it’s all that hiding.

What I thought was protecting me is really a trap. Unless I leave here, I cannot go anywhere.

It’s not that life is necessarily better “there” … I am learning to love all the things right “here” … but I am called to more. And the more is out there. I know it. Know that I know that I know it. Go. Move.

From back here, looking towards the end of the tunnel, there’s not so much to see. It doesn’t feel worth it sometimes. But when I get to the end, it’s only then I can see how limited my view has been. The world is SO MUCH BIGGER, brighter, more colorful than my tunnel eyes can see. I am no longer blocked by my frame. My eyes adjust and the possibilities are suddenly endless. My new “here” … and I stop longing for “there” … I have arrived. It’s time to explore.


Join the 5-minute movement at The Gypsy Momma in her 5-Minute Friday challenge. Each week she posts a word. Set your timer for 5 minutes and just write. No stopping. No editing. Only 5 minutes. Just my style!


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Perspective

  1. Colline says:

    Such an interesting metaphor for a perspective on life.


  2. a simple princess says:

    such a fantastic interpretation! we really do have tunnel vision sometimes and to just step out in faith would allow us to see so much more!
    *dropped in from Lisa-Jo’s*


  3. jecolorfulheart says:

    “tunnel eyes”…what a wonderful picture of why we sometimes find ourselves stumbling around!


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