Five Minute Friday: Opportunity


May 25, 2012 by Beth Hess

I really didn’t see it until I looked at them all together. My spring photo collection. Location? My own yard. Right here. REALLY COOL STUFF!

For almost a year now I’ve been diligently Hunting Beauty. You can see my list HERE.

And still it shocks me sometimes how close beauty is. How present. And how often I almost miss it!

Birds found opportunity for a great nest on my front porch. A butterfly found opportunity for lunch on the “weeds”. A rainbow found opportunity in a storm. A caterpillar on my tree. Flowers near an old trailer.

Me? I prefer my opportunities wrapped in neon. Or pretty packages. Or straight paths. I am more comfortable when opportunity looks perfect. Inviting. Easy.

How many, then, I wonder, have a passed right by? Maybe even right in my own backyard?

Join the 5-minute movement at The Gypsy Momma in her 5-Minute Friday challenge. Each week she posts a word. Set your timer for 5 minutes and just write. No stopping. No editing. Only 5 minutes. Just my style!

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

  1. Colline says:

    I loved that you linked your writing with some beautiful photographs.


  2. kelliwoodford says:

    This really encourages me to be more intentional about “hunting beauty”. Thanks, Beth, for the reminder. And your pics are lovely!!


  3. Ellen Stumbo says:

    Stopping by from 5 minute Friday and I see we both had the same “idea” about missed opportunities 🙂 I love your idea of hunting for beauty, I know I too would be surprised how much beauty there is around me. Thanks for sharing! If you get a chance stop by and say hi 🙂


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