Why “Just One Bite” Doesn’t Work for Me


June 10, 2012 by Beth Hess

I like to imagine the foods that tempt me really taste pretty awful. I imagine them dry or soggy or bland or too salty…

One bite might prove me wrong — and that’s harder to recover from than just passing on it in the first place.

What are your craving coping techniques? Please post below.

P.S. I’m blogging my weight-loss journey under the category “40 Pounds of Purpose” … if you want each new entry emailed to you, please subscribe using the link on the right of this page. You’ll also be able to read an archive of entries over time right HERE.


2 thoughts on “Why “Just One Bite” Doesn’t Work for Me

  1. Great tips! Thank you for sharing. I have to remember to keep gum with me more often.


  2. I definitely look at the calorie count and think “there’s no way that cookie is good enough to eat for that amount of calories”. Or I think about how I’d rather use those calories on something I KNOW is good- like homemade cookies or extra helpings of dinner. One thing that really helps me a lot is chewing gum. I think a lot of times I just want that satisfaction of chewing something, so gum helps. But really, I give in a lot and have just a small bite of that tempting food- it’s worth it and need sometimes!


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