When God says “Hold your Horses”


September 28, 2012 by Beth Hess

A funny thing happened on the way to becoming a professional Life Coach. I became a professional Property Manager instead.

Only a few months after I announced right here on this blog the launch of my Coaching practice, God threw a different full-time job in my lap. And with it He started reframing nearly everything I thought I knew about the path we were walking.

Starting a business isn’t for the faint-of-heart … or the family with already erractic cash flow with one self-employed spouse. And, frankly, I loved coaching so much I just kept wanting to do it for free. The asking people to pay me for it part was never my strong suit. Which can be a pretty big shock to the family system when I’ve always been a healthy contributor to our income. It’s not that we didn’t have faith or vision or passion. It’s just that the power company doesn’t accept passion as payment.

It wasn’t really about the money, though.

Life Coaching. It’s what I wanted. I believed it was what God wanted. Maybe it still is. But not in the “Thanks for the destination, God, but I’ll handle the trip planning from here” kind of way. Not in the force-fit, 10 easy steps, gotta get ahead at any cost kind of way. Too much paddling. Not enough floating.

So through a new job — and 100 other ways — God is calling me back to basics. To Just Be Beth — the place this blogging place started anyway. A place of learning about myself. Even more, about learning about who God says I am. And living there. Always there. Whether as a Property Manager, a Life Coach, or whatever is coming next.

Let God be God. I’ll Just Be Beth.

3 thoughts on “When God says “Hold your Horses”

  1. Nina Sage says:

    I totally get it Beth! In 2005 it wasn’t in my planbook to go back to school to become a teacher, but it was definitely in God’s! On the way to my first class I seriously told God that I hoped He knew what he was doing, and now I’m so thankful I decided to trust Him on that journey! I absolutely love the job he had waiting for me in His planbook!


  2. Jessica Lautrup says:

    I love the very last sentence! You are a great inspiration to me…I love your words of wisdom.


    • Beth Hess says:

      Jess: I could not be more thrilled to be with you as you learn more about our God. Because He always, ALWAYS provides. He is the only secure foundation for anything else that comes and as much as I could tell you about how faithful He has been for me, and why I continue to trust Him, I know how much more He wants to SHOW YOU how faithful He will be for YOU.


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