Finding the Fit


June 6, 2013 by Beth Hess

Just this past weekend I tried on a pair of shoes — super cute and very well-priced. But no matter which size I tried on, they just wouldn’t fit my foot. I wanted to make them fit. (Did I mention they were super cute?!) I even walked around the store a bit to try to convince myself they might stop pinching in all the wrong places.

Unfortunately, no matter what I did, they felt, as physiologist Georgia Shaffer says, all kinds of “awkwardness.”

I think that’s just a perfect word to explain how it feels when we let others or ourselves direct any change in our lives. People mean well most of the time. And the suggested change can even be a good thing. Way more pros than cons on the legal pad.

But something about it just doesn’t sit right. It doesn’t fit. It’s awkward.

But God-appointed change, even if scary and hard and long-suffering, puts our souls at peace.

One thought on “Finding the Fit

  1. Kelsy says:

    Soooo true!!! Thank you for affirming this principle for me today, I have experienced this in so many different ways. Even wonderful opportunities present themselves as “awkward cute shoes” that for just a moment we think if we don’t shove our foot in and drive on, we might miss out!! But thanks to the truth of sufficiency…balance is always a glass slipper.


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