Word of the Week: For When You Need a Shot of Confidence


May 18, 2014 by Beth Hess

Hebrews416-ver2(Repost from March 2014 as God, again, as led me to reflect on this scripture from Hebrews — this time as My Word of the Week. For what bold thing will he have me approach Him now?)


I tiptoe in with my chin on my chest. Whisper my request without making eye contact.

“Help me, please.”

And Jesus hears me. I know he does.

I know He knows the situation. I know if I’m in it, then He’s using it.

So I don’t ask for anything too outrageous. Just a little help.

But one morning I dare to lift my eyes a couple of inches higher. My voice gets a little braver.

“Could you maybe, Lord, just take it away?”

The request is still timid. Because this feels selfish.

But when I finally elevate my face all the way and my eyes lock with my Savior’s, it’s this message that fills the room:

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)

Confident in His love. Confident in His grace. Confident that He hears. Confident that He cares. Confident that He desires fullness for my life.

Confident that standing tall and asking boldly and crying deeply and proclaiming His power abundantly is neither self-indulgent nor disrespectful.

And while it’s still not a way to force God’s hand or make Him change every circumstance, it does build my faith muscle and deepens my awe for a God who CAN.

He is able.

So this time I ask for it all. For help. For healing. For deliverance. For a total 180 of the situation. For the miracle.

In the recounting of His wonders. In the declaring of who He is. In the vocalization of His greatness. In the boasting of His bigness. In the bringing my requests before him. In the act of the asking, I find the answer no longer matters.


I return each Sabbath for a fresh Word of the Week. For the God-breathed pages to come alive in a phrase or two on which to spend a 7-day feast. To meditate upon. To use as a jumping off point for whatever other words God would have me hear during the week. I would love for you to join the Word of the Week (WOW) discussion by adding your selected verse to the comments … or reflections on any scripture reading. 

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3 thoughts on “Word of the Week: For When You Need a Shot of Confidence

  1. Beautiful and true, Beth. There is something about finding what our hearts most long for in His presence that makes all else ‘grow strangely dim’, isn’t there? Love the tenderness of this post, friend. As always, glad to see you at Unforced Rhythms.


  2. Oh Beth, so true! Love this.. “In the act of the asking, I find the answer no longer matters.” and it is so much because of His “throne of grace” << that is a beautiful image to dwell on, Thanks!


    • Beth Hess says:

      Grace has a way of breaking us down from focusing on what we think we want to seeing a bigger picture of all God is and can do and wants to bless us with when we ask. Thanks for joining me in reflecting on His throne of grace, Julie.


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