Gifts of Grace


July 1, 2014 by Beth Hess

bigstock-Trampoline-877625-300x225I jump.

Instinctively my mind calculates the place my feet should again meet the surface left behind.

My mind is wrong, and I let out a squeal.

Below me the trampoline moves with a mind of its own. The ground is not where I left it.

And I don’t like that feeling at all.

I have, through the four decades of my life, come to expect certain things. Like, for example, that when my feet leave the Earth, the Earth isn’t going anywhere during my time away.

This springing platform changes all the rules. But, in time, I find I enjoy the unpredictability of it.

Sometimes I prefer a firm foundation. Sometimes I’m drawn to soaring new heights. My God is both.

That God allows Himself to be found in both the expected and unexpected ways is one of His most beautiful mysteries. That I can find Him where I have countless times before — and also catch a sighting in brand-new settings — is one of the joys of my life.

Right where I thought He would be. In places I never imagined.

Both are the gifts of grace.


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5 thoughts on “Gifts of Grace

  1. Ann says:

    So often, it’s in the unexpected, uncomfortable moments in life that we grow the most! Yet, we can always trust in His firm foundation! Glad you stopped over at my blog, so I could meet you and come and read your blog, as well!


  2. Simply Beth says:

    Beth, there is such beauty in the way you write. Loved this so much. I was so delighted to see you link-up today. Blessings. xoxo


  3. oh yes … lots of valuable lessons learned on that oh-so-unsteady trampoline!

    loved visiting here tonight, Beth …


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