Where I Belong (Five Minute Friday)


July 11, 2014 by Beth Hess

claughingMy house is riddled with holes. Literally.

The one in the drywall where my elbow slipped while moving a desk. The one in the roof that sometimes drips with rain. The one(s) in the fence where a determined dog keeps busting through.

My washing machine is finicky. The vinyl is coming up in the hallway. The grass is a little too tall. (Ok, a lot too tall.)

My home, however, is whole.

Whole like hearts where the love for each other pumps as freely as our own blood — spreading its life to each cell of our beings until we are so warm with each other’s presence that we can feel it even when we’re apart.

Wholeness fortified with morning snuggles and fits of laughter and made-up songs and silly jokes and TV nights and making sure our bare feet touch when we sleep.

Wholeness where “I love you” mingles with barking dogs and video games and ESPN to create a symphony of praise that drowns out the rest of the noisy, crazy planet.

Wholeness with my fuzzy-haired towhead and his strong and handsome Daddy.

Holes and the Whole: Peacefully co-existing in the Place Where I Belong.


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6 thoughts on “Where I Belong (Five Minute Friday)

  1. I love this!! All of it! Made me smile and appreciate the holes in my home too!


  2. Simply Beth says:

    Just all warm and lovely this post is. What a great post on the prompt word belong. Love this, Beth. Hugs. xoxo


  3. Thank you for sharing your FMF post! Sounds like a wonderful place to be. God bless you and your home!


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