Where Beauty is Born (Five Minute Friday-“Bloom”)


July 18, 2014 by Beth Hess

sproutIt’s the sprout that has my attention. A sudden sign of life where none existed yesterday. So much unseen effort to reach the surface.

Death. Decay. Being cracked wide open. Seeking a source to temper the thirst. Growing down and deep. Darkness.

Breaking through the dirt — the weightiness of all the Earth — to view its first light.

And once the light has been reached, it will continue to grow. Taller and deeper simultaneously.

The bloom will come in time. It will be celebrated and photographed and honored and lauded as true beauty.

And rightly it will be so.

But the bloom is born below the surface. Where all real beauty begins.


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One thought on “Where Beauty is Born (Five Minute Friday-“Bloom”)

  1. […] Yet I will praise. Not praise when it all gets better. Not I can’t wait to praise the ultimate victory. Not, I will praise in the sunshine or when the flower blooms. […]


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