For When Encouragement is Thinner than you Wish it Were (Word of the Week)


July 28, 2014 by Beth Hess

thess2An empty space becomes a showcase of wares. Blank rooms transform into a hall of treasure. Each unto her own area — designing said space carefully to match the mood and tone of the goods she will offer. Hand- and heart-crafted works laid out for public perusal.

So I, among the others, stage my assigned table. The right items. The right display pieces. The right incentives. The right posters hung behind me.

I fluff my dress. And my smile. And wait.

Many others around me have done the same. We nod politely in each other’s direction. We secretly hope what we have prepared will be more liked than theirs.

They are fine people all — I am sure — but I have no time to glance over when the public doors are open. I don’t know what brought them here or what they are offering or even how it could possibly serve my own needs.

Because I am here to be seen. Not to look.

This, my friends, is a convention. Not a…    (continued here)

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6 thoughts on “For When Encouragement is Thinner than you Wish it Were (Word of the Week)

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Beth. I do try to get around to a few folks from each link—even if it’s later in the week or in the middle of the night when I can’t find sleep. It is important to encourage each other along this journey. Blessings!


    • Beth Hess says:

      The words of others can be a welcome companion in the middle of the night can’t they? And I am more than grateful for your encouragement, no matter the day of the week.


  2. Cheryl Smith says:

    This post is so timely for me. It is such a dear blessing to me to have found the community I have met in this arena…so thankful that community includes you. Having gone through such an intense, raging spiritual battle in recent years, it is such a solace to me to feel this love and acceptance. To not be judged on what I look like, what I am wearing, whose convictions I am or am not adhering to, but just to join my heart with those of like mind and kindred spirit. It is a treasure I thank God for. I think at first it was about those numbers and increasing the amount of followers, etc., but God is making me see all of the wonderful, precious people He has intersected my path with through this journey and what a gift this really is. Your words really put it all in perspective. So thankful for you!


    • Beth Hess says:

      Cheryl: So glad to hear my “Show & Tell” resonated with you. No matter our differences, there is always something we can do to encourage each other. The world, as you mention, is critical enough. I’m grate to find places — both on and offline — that set that aside and are just safe and lovely places to land. Glad you are here!


  3. Love this invitation to community, Beth. I agree … I’ve been investing more of my time in those kindred spirits who are ready, willing, and able to engage back and forth into each other’s spaces, into each other’s lives. There’s a richness there that’s so compelling, so real, so needed. I love the beauty of building relationship one comment at a time.

    Appreciating that our paths have crossed in recent weeks …



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