What About Weight? (Sugar Sober Series)


October 14, 2014 by Beth Hess

It’s Day 14 and I have not yet discussed weight loss. In many ways, I haven’t even really talked much about food itself. I’m a little surprised by that myself. And a little not. I weighed myself on October 1. Jotted the numbers in a journal. And took a photo. I guess I needed to make sure I had some “Before” documentation. Before what, exactly, I’m still not sure. But I don’t intend to meet up with my scale again during the remainder of this October challenge. Maybe longer. Because I REALLY need my mind and heart to understand that this is NOT really about the weight. This journey is too, too important to be distorted by math. And I’m too easily swayed by the numbers that indicate my gravitational pull to the Earth, but not the state of my soul. Oh, you can be sure that I’m not kidding myself about the pounds that my body needs to shed in order to last longer and live better. At least 40 of them. More like 50. But I have to be careful not to let an arbitrary number — whether on a scale or on a size tag in my pants — be my measure of success in sobriety. Even more, I cannot let it determine my finish line. There are enough walls between my current cell and full freedom that I do not yet know how I will become aware that I have dropped the chains and am no longer a slave to food. But I know it won’t be based on anything my scale can tell me. ____________________________________________________ sugarsoberoctoberIn response to the 31 Day blogging challenge, I will be publishing EVERY DAY in October while I stay sugar-free. You can read previous posts HERE. To be alerted to new posts, please follow me on Facebook or Twitter using the links on the right side of this page. Or Subscribe to get posts sent to your Email. Feel free to Tweet your own experiences with #sugarsoberoctober as well. PLEASE use the comment section to share your own thoughts, questions, or experiences. Like any road, sugar sobriety is one more easily walked with friends. I do my best to reply to every comment.

14 thoughts on “What About Weight? (Sugar Sober Series)

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  4. JoNell says:

    I just found you this morning and feel it was one of those “at the right moment” things! I need to revamp my lifestyle for my health and hope weight loss will be a bonus. Focusing on foods that do not contain added sugar and/or processed flour. Thanks for sharing! There must be zillions of us! A little affirmation goes a long way,


  5. Mamey Brown says:

    We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!!!!


  6. Simply Beth says:

    Oh I’m so with you on this one and it’s one I can say I’ve kept to my promise to stay off the scale because I know I have found my worth in what that scale says. No more! You are so in my thoughts and prayers, Beth. Love you. xoxo


  7. ambercadenas says:

    SO.MUCH.GOODNESS here. I am just sitting here, Beth, amazed by the insights that are coming each day you show up and live this and write this. It is evidence of God’s faithfulness, yes. And it is you saying yes. With a faith that says, I don’t know what full freedom will look like or feel like, but I’ll know it when I’m there. Yes, this, dear friend. So much love to you.


  8. “Even more, I cannot let it determine my finish line.” – Great line.


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