The Shepherd Leads & I Will Let Him (Sugar Sober Series)


October 27, 2014 by Beth Hess


When Derek Jeter retired from baseball earlier this year, he had stepped into a Major League batters box 12,602 times. More than a third of the time, he got on base.

He had great game awareness, ball placement, situational understanding, and pure talent. Unarguably one of baseball’s greats. A future Hall of Famer.

So why did he need Rob Thomson?


Rob Thomson. The Yankees third base coach for the last six seasons.

The one who communicates the plays. The one who dictates a swing vs. a take. The one who signals hit-and-run. The one who relays countless messages to batters and base-runners alike.

The one Derek Jeter deferred to.

Standard rules apply in baseball. 3 strikes for an out. 4 balls is a walk.

The game also has rules of thumb. Typical, but not hard and fast. When the count is 3-0, take a pitch. Don’t bunt with 2 outs.

But most of baseball is about strategy based on the situation. What you did at the last at bat may not work this time.

You have to check with the coach every single visit to the plate. Sometimes every pitch.

Because no matter how much wisdom you have. Or talent. Or luck. Or experience. You still can’t see the whole field all the time. And you aren’t privy to the entire game plan.

God is my Third Base Coach.

He directs my actions. He is the guard at the gate of my lips. Saving me from myself. On my own, I might make decisions for the moment, not for the good of my long-term self.

So I check in. I follow His lead.

I Can’t. He Can. I Will Let Him.

(Tomorrow… How can I understand His signs & What does every moment surrender look like for me?)


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8 thoughts on “The Shepherd Leads & I Will Let Him (Sugar Sober Series)

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  3. Leah says:

    I’ve had trouble keeping up! And I LOVE this analogy. I played softball for 12+ years. I want “God is My Third Base Coach” in a picture somehow. Maybe I’ll make one. (Super well written, by the way. I look forward to sitting back with a hot mug of tea sometime and catching up on your posts. I pray Sugar Sober is going well!)


    • Beth Hess says:

      Leah… I would LOVE to have a picture of that. Be sure to let me know if you make one. I trust that God will bring you to these posts at just the right time for you. Grateful for your words.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sharon says:

    My hubby is a huge baseball fan, and I love sports. So, this was a great analogy. All athletes have a coach somewhere in their lives, someone who directs them and guides them in the way to play their very best.

    I want that, too!



    • Beth Hess says:

      Sometimes I even literally find myself turning my head to the left to “glance down the baseline” and get my signals from The Spirit. I’m a big baseball fan, too, so the analogy really words for me.


  5. Cheryl Smith says:

    I love this comparison to the Third Base Coach. I had no idea this is what this guy does. And just as each “at bat” is different and has to be approached as the unique situation it is with its own dynamics, so it is with our meal times. Every one of them is different. So thankful that God is on the job each time and that He can see the whole picture from where He is. He is there, my friend, cheering you on… am I. 🙂


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